Hi, my name is Jeremy Park and I recently graduated as an Economics major from Boston University. I also graduated from the Bergen County Academies in 2015 from the Academy for Technology and Computer Science (ATCS). As both an avid soccer player and a fan, I currently play Division III soccer and am also a columnist for The Sports Quotient. If you couldn't tell already, my passion and love for the sport of soccer is parallel to none. Coupled with my ever growing interest in technology, I aspire to integrate these interests into the professional world. Feel free to contact me anytime or check out my resume.

Work Experience


Red Bull Boston

Student Marketing Representative

(September 2018 - August 2019)

Performed market research to determine area events for product distribution as well as cold call/email targeted organizations to go on site to raise product awareness. Also supported on and off premise sales through marketing events. Reported sampling statistics and consumer feedback to manager via online database. Strategized projects to target potential new consumers.


Administrative Assistant

(February 2018 - May 2018)

Managed administrative tasks including ordering, data entry, and filing. Also compiled, reviewed, and uploaded invoices for the accounting department via specific corporate software.

New York Red Bulls

Marketing Intern

(July 2016 - August 2016)

Worked with Brand Manager of the New York Red Bulls in planning multiple marketing campaigns, including welcoming email series and membership renewal campaigns. Also assisted in day-to-day tasks such as game day preparations and management of items in the online Marketplace. Worked with technology platform, salesforce, as well as HTML and CSS.

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Marketing Intern

(September 2014 - May 2015)

Worked with Director of Athletics at Fairleigh Dickinson University and was a member of the Marketing and Communications sector to service all of the students and student-athletes.

About Me

About Me

Despite having studied computer science for four years in high school, I never really appreciated how much power and potential coding can give to an individual. It wasn't untill I attended my first hackathon where I began to understand how fortunate my generation is to live in a technologically advanced world. At the hackathon, I witnessed students build and create the most intuitive ideas/apps that simply amazed me and blew my mind. My passion and interest in technology has grown ever since and has inspired me to be as creative as I can be.

Having fallen in love with the game of soccer at the age of 9, I continued to play soccer at the youth, high school, and collegiate level. However, it was not just the flashy dribbling and intensity of the game that got me hooked, but it was how the game of soccer had the power to affect so many people off the field. In many countries outside the U.S where soccer is the most popular sport, soccer is treated more as a religion than as a game. This is perfectly exemplified by every World Cup which also happens to be the biggest sporting event in the world. Every four years, the World Cup unites people of different gender, religion, race, and ethnicity to which I find extremely extraordinary. For a sport to have such a compelling effect on people intrigues me and is the reason why I love and am so passionate about this sport.

As soccer and technology are the greatest passions in my life, my greatest aspiration is to one day be able to integrate both passions into the professional world. However that may be, I strive that my input will result in a positive impact to others and will inspire others in the soccer/technology world.